Report NFL VP tried to outbid Stan Kroenke for Los Angeles stadium land

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A big reason that the earned the right to move to Los Angeles this season is because owner Stan Kroenke had almost Adam Henrique Women Jersey unlimited resources: He had the land, he had the money and most importantly, he's an experienced real estate developer who knew exactly what to do with those two things.As it turns out, the NFL almost threw a huge wrench into Kroenke's plan without even knowing it.The Rams' new stadium will be built on a 60-acre parcel of land in Inglewood, California, that Kroenke Graeme Clarke Women Jersey . However, he almost didn't end up with the land because someone else wanted it.According , the land was sold in a blind auction that Kroenke ended up winning with a $90 million bid. The most interesting tidbit is that one of the people Kroenke beat out for the land was Eric Grubman, an executive vice president for the NFL. Grubman's not just any executive vice president. In August 2014, the on "stadium development, the return of a team presence to the Los Angeles area, the leagues strategic investment fund, and other key strategic initiatives."Before that, Grubman Joseph Blandisi Women Jersey 's official title wasPresident of Busine s Ventures, .Since it was a blind auction, Kroenke didn't know he was bidding against an NFL VP and the NFL VP didn't know he was bidding against Kroenke. If Grubman's bid had won, it's po sible the Los Angeles landscape would be completely different. If the NFL had owned the 60 acres in Inglewood, it would've had complete control of the relocation proce s. Instead, it turned into a sideshow in cities like Oakland, San Diego and St. Louis.Grubman would later help Kroenke's cause. In December 2015, the NFL executive went and bashed the city's stadium plan, which and had just been approved by the city.In Kyle Palmieri Men Jersey the end, Kroenke got everything he wanted: He got the land, he got relocation approval and now he's building a multibillion-dollar stadium that will likely host Super Bowls and NFL Drafts for years to come.
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